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1) What are your shipping rates?

All orders include complimentary shipping via Royal Mail, with larger orders being sent via courier.


2) When can I expect to receive my order?

We process all orders promptly and once dispatched you can expect to receive your package within 3-5 days. However, please allow up to 6 working days (Monday-Friday excluding official public holidays) from the date the order was submitted by you before contacting us.

3) What should I do if my order has been damaged in transit?

Please contact us within 3 days of receiving a damaged parcel. We advise emailing us with your name, order number and a photograph of the fault.


4) Are your products natural?

All of our body and hair care products contain 100% natural fragrances and are formulated to be gentle yet effective. Our candle range contains high quality synthetic fragrance along with a custom blend of soy and coconut wax, all of which have been through rigorous testing to ensure their safety and compatibility. We believe that the most effective products are ones which utilise both natural and man-made ingredients.

5) Do you use sulphates?

Our body washes and shampoos contain sodium laureth sulphate, a mind and highly effective surfactant. Studies have shown that it is perfectly safe to use at levels far greater than we employ and consistently out-performs alternative cleansing agents. For those with sensitive skin, we advise trying a sample of any product which contains this ingredient to ensure suitability.

6) Are Articka products safe to use during pregnancy?

All Articka products are designed to be gentle and safe to use, however we would advise consulting with your doctor before using any product which contains essential oils. 

7) Do Articka products have an expiry date?

All of body and hair care products feature an icon on the reverse label which informs how many months your product will be at its best. As our formulas contain essential oils, we advise storing your product away from direct sunlight in a cool dry place when not in use.

8) What if I have an adverse reaction to an Articka product?

We understand that everyone’s skin is different, and that on rare occasions, a person may have an adverse reaction. All cosmetic ingredients have the potential to irritate sensitive skin regardless of the amount present or the method in which it is used. In the unlikely event that you experience an adverse reaction to one of our products, please discontinue use and consult your doctor.

9) Where can I obtain a full list of product ingredients?

We believe in giving our customers as much information possible in order to make an informed purchase. As such, our webstore features a full ingredient list for every product.

10) Do Articka products contain parabens?

No, our products contain no parabens, silicones, mineral oils, synthetic colours or animal derived ingredients.

11) Where can I obtain personalised advice on Articka products?

We offer free consultations in order to ascertain which of our products will best suit your needs. Please contact us with any questions or queries you may have.


12) Are Articka products tested on animals?

We are committed to acting in a responsible and transparent manner and can confirm that no Articka products are tested on animals.

13) Do Articka products contain animal-derived ingredients?

We can confirm that no Articka products contains animal derived ingredients such as honey, beeswax or lanolin.


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